How can I help YOU? No sales, SPAM or gimmicks!

With my new business (@newdawnlegal), I want to start creating posts which are informative and relevant, especially to my legal connections.

In order to do that, I am looking for your feedback on what would be helpful for you to know about software implementations – especially (but not exclusively) around legal IT. For example, what did you find most difficult around a recent (or current) implementation? Are there any things which you wish you knew earlier, that would be helpful to others? Are there any areas which you would appreciate tips on, etc?

Please comment below with your ideas on what I should write about. Alternatively, email me on If it’s easier, I can call you – and I promise that I won’t try to sell you anything! Your help is hugely appreciated to enable me to create relevant and helpful content for you and your other legal colleagues in the field.

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